Are You Asking Your Preneed Trust Provider the Important Questions?

Are You Asking Your Preneed Trust Provider the Important Questions?

As a member of the New York State Funeral Directors Association (NYSFDA), you have exclusive access to the services of PrePlan Funeral Trust. For 35 years, PrePlan has served as New York’s leading pre-funded funeral trust administrator. As a funeral director, families trust you to make important choices on their behalf to ensure the safety, security, and compliance of their funds. Are you sure your preneed trust provider offers the same protection? We encourage you to ask the important questions.

Who’s behind their trust and what are their motivations? Where is their business located? 

PrePlan is backed by the New York State Funeral Directors Association.

Does your provider willingly publish their net consumer yield and investment practices?

PrePlan does. The monthly net yield will be visible on all monthly statements, tax brochures, and under the member side of our website. A group of FDSS Trustees and the FDSS Board of Directors (all NYS licensed funeral directors) govern PrePlan. We count on a group of professionals, experts in your profession, to help guide our business affairs. PrePlan works closely with professional investment advisors from Graypoint as well. We have been transparent for over 30 years. We have nothing to hide.

How can I be sure that funds held are safe and secure? 

Our trustees and advisors always select FDIC insured CDs from the highest rated issuing banks and consider each investment decision carefully. Be on the lookout for providers that use government-backed securities, these are not FDIC insured.

In April 2023 Executive Director Mike Lanotte outlined the three steps PrePlan has followed from the beginning. We can confidently say we’ve eliminated the risk of any customer losing money due to a bank failing.

How does your preneed trust provider stay up-to-date on laws and legislation? 

PrePlan has an upfront seat to the most important laws impacting preneed funds and funeral directors. Why? Our relationship with NYSFDA keeps us on the forefront of any potential changes or passed legislation. We remain in full compliance of all state laws and regulations. Our knowledgeable and confidential staff are here to help with your questions.

Does your provider undergo a formal audit annually?

Not only does PrePlan voluntarily subject the Trust to an annual audit by a NYS licensed CPA firm, but we choose to be audited quarterly as well! We want to be sure that we provide full transparency and the absolute best! NYSFDA was instrumental in recent legislation passed (December 2019) now requiring trust providers to complete annual audits. Did your provider volunteer for annual audits, or will they only be doing so in the future due to regulations?

What is the true impact of the net interest rate on the average account? 

The average funeral cost YTD in PrePlan is $8,505.00. Using this as an example, an account rendering a net rate of 1.28% would accumulate a little over $108.00 of interest for the year. This could be compared with various rates, for example a net rate of 1.48% in which the account would accumulate a little over $125.00 of interest for the year. Looking at the rates side-by-side you’ll see it’s only a difference of $17 for the year ($1.42 each month). Due to the size of the accounts held, the impact is not nearly as much as one would assume.

Are there any other qualities that set your provider apart? 

PrePlan is proud to have served our members for over 30 years. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and hold an A+ rating. Additionally, PrePlan was awarded the 2022 BBB Torch Award for Ethics in the small business category.

Are you interested in joining PrePlan? Would you like to move existing preneed accounts to PrePlan? It’s easy; we will be there every step to ensure a seamless transition. For more information, please contact us at 800.577.3752 or

Printing Grantor Trust Tax Statements

Printing Grantor Trust Tax Statements

A Step-by-Step Guide

All funeral homes registered to use our website,, have the ability to print a duplicate tax statement for their consumers. The following is a step-by-step guide:

  • Click on the STATEMENT tab
  • Click on the TAX STATEMENTS link (located on the left side navigation menu)
  • Search for the contract using the available options
  • Click the SELECT link next to the contract number of the individual
  • Select the YEAR and TYPE OF STATEMENT (Abbreviated: same as mailed to consumer | Full Statement: listing fiduciary and advisory fee information)
  • Click GET STATEMENTS to download

Please consult the website after December 31 for more information regarding the date tax statements will become available online. Please note tax statements for the past three (3) years can be viewed or printed. Consumers will also have access to their tax statements once available. Please direct the account holder to the CONSUMER tab above. Upon log-in, they will be able to download their tax statement.

Tax Q&As

Tax Q&As

Q&A Grantor Trust Tax Information Statements

Q: The consumer lost their tax statement. Can I have another copy mailed to them?
A: Yes. The funeral home may call or e-mail a PrePlan administrator and we will mail out a second copy. The Funeral Home or consumer may also log-in above to download the tax statement. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Q: What are the fiduciary and advisory fees listed on the preneed agreement for?
As with any trust in New York State, Preplan is permitted by law to expend up to three quarters of one percent of the balance in the fund to provide the necessary services to operate and staff the trust. This is one of the lowest fees in the nation. In addition, a minimal advisory fee is also paid for the expert investment advice given to Preplan for the direct benefit of its customers. These terms are fully disclosed in the preneed customer agreement provided to all consumers.

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