Choosing a Funeral Home

Choosing a funeral director was simple in our grandparents’ day when there was usually just one funeral home in town.

In fact, it is not at all uncommon that a local funeral homeowner – or their relatives – have provided their important services to families in your community for the last several years and even generations.

Today, with our mobile society and family members living all over the country, along with many funeral service options available, selecting a funeral director may take some careful thought and planning.

However, choosing a funeral director is like engaging any other professional such as a lawyer or doctor and doesn’t have to be – nor should it be – a daunting task.

If your family does not already have a local funeral director, consult with your pastor or rabbi for recommendations. You may also consider asking your friends and neighbors. Have you attended a funeral that particularly stood out to you? Visit their funeral home website to learn more about their services and staff.

If you’re not familiar with the funeral homes in your area, you may wish to make an appointment to visit one or more of them. In this way, you can meet with the funeral director, tour their facilities, learn about the different options available to ensure you have a clear understanding of the costs for services and merchandise you may desire.

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