Programs & Procedures

Credit Card Payments are an Option with PrePlan

Through our partnership with NYSFDA Member Advantage Partner Chosen Payments, PrePlan Funeral Trust participating funeral firms now can accept credit cards* for new and additional deposits on existing accounts. This program provides more options and greater flexibility for you and your consumers.

To get started, simply log in to your PrePlan Funeral Home account. We’ve also created resources to assist you with this new process.

PDF outlining the instructions step-by-step.

Tutorial Video stepping you through the entire process.

We encourage you to watch the Tutorial and download the instructions and contact our office with any questions or concerns at or 800.577.3752.

PrePlan is committed to offering solutions to optimize operations and increase participant convenience, while keeping the security of funds and compliance with trust laws as our continued top priority. Thank you for your membership and confidence. We look forward to serving you.

*The convenience fee will be automatically passed along to the consumer.

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